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What is the Crypto Asset Fund?

Crypto Asset Fund currently has five classes of shares with different investment strategies:

  1. Class T (Trading) which trades in all types of crypto assets, including all crypto currencies, tokens, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), tethers and all currency and future crypto-sector investments.
  2. Class L (Lending) which invests on exchanges which allow peer-to-peer lending which provide liquid collateral to secure the fiat or crypto lent for leveraged long or short positions.
  3. Class I (Index) which mirrors the CAMCrypto30 index.
  4. Class B (Bitcoin) which is the world’s first Bitcoin-denominated fund investment instrument. It follows a similar strategy to Class T, but optimized for BTC-denominated returns.
  5. Class E (Ethereum) is identical to Class B, save it is denominated in ETH.

The Fund may hold Investments on or through established securities exchanges, crypto currency exchanges, aggregators, “over the counter” markets, or through other private funds. The Fund may use leverage on a moderate to extensive basis for the purpose of increasing the amount of capital available for investment or for liquidity purposes.

CAF is open to US Accredited Investors. A “feeder” fund, Crypto Asset Fund (Cayman), Ltd. was created for non-US investors. The minimum investment in CAF is US$25,000; the minimum investment in CAF (Cayman) is US$100,000.


Managed portfolios denominated in crypto currencies are open to both US and non-US investors. The minimum investment is the equivalent of US$ 50,000.

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