Managed Portfolios


Crypto Asset Management also manages crypt-denominated portfolios (to date: BTC and ETH, although it is possible to denominate the portfolio if any major crypto currency).

The strategy for these investments differs from that applied to the USD-denominated Crypto Asset Fund, as the target is to increase the absolute number of “coins”, not increase the value of the portfolio in USD (although that will almost always be a collateral result).

A key distinction from fiat-denominated investments is that investors need not liquidate their current positions – and incur the resulting capital gains tax – before making a fiat-denominated investment. Investors transfer their crypto directly to a CAM exchange account where CAM traders apply our strategies to increase the amount of crypto currency in the portfolio.

Managed portfolios denominated in the same crypto currency are pooled and traded in the same account. Large accounts can be managed separately, or even managed in the investor’s account (versus the CAM account).

Managed portfolios are open to US and non-US investors. The minimum investment is the equivalent of US$ 25,000.

For additional information on CAM managed portfolios, please contact Timothy Enneking at