Crypto Asset Fund is an open-end private fund formed for the purpose of acquiring, managing and holding investments in crypto currencies (bitcoin, “altcoins,” other present and future crypto currencies, tokens, tethers, other present and future instruments related to crypto currencies and may make blockchain and other related investments, including bitcoin and altcoin mining and related activities) and similar items, both directly and through other vehicles, as well as other investments in the crypto currency space broadly defined (collectively, “Investments”). 

The Fund may hold Investments on or through, without limitation, established securities exchanges, crypto currency exchanges, aggregators, “over the counter” markets, or through other private funds.  The Fund’s investment strategy will initially be implemented using three primary approaches: (i) long-term buy-and-hold; (ii) mid-term trading on fundamental information and technical trends; and (iii) short-term trading, up to and including day trading.  The Fund may utilize leverage on a moderate to extensive basis for the purpose of increasing the amount of capital available for investment or for liquidity purposes.  For the purposes of this Memorandum, the term “trading” shall include, but is not limited to, any investment in, divestment of, exchange for value or other commercial transaction for or with crypto currencies with third parties.

For information on investing in the US crypto fund, please contact Timothy Enneking at


Crypto Asset Management is establishing a “feeder fund”, Crypto Asset Fund (Cayman), for non-US investors. This fund is located in the Cayman Islands and should be operational by July 15, 2017.

The Cayman feeder will offer the exact same conditions as Crypto Asset Fund, including fees, performance and additional share classes (crypt-denominated classes, debt (lending) class, index class, etc.) which Crypto Asset Fund is adding. 

The minimum investment in Crypto Asset Fund (Cayman) is US$100,000. 

For information on investing in the Cayman feeder fund, please contact Timothy Enneking at

managed portfolio

Crypto Asset Management also manages crypt-denominated portfolios (to date: BTC and ETH, although it is possible to denominate the portfolio if any major crypto currency).

The strategy for these investments differs from that applied to the USD-denominated Crypto Asset Fund, as the target is to increase the absolute number of “coins”, not increase the value of the portfolio in USD (although that will almost always be a collateral result).

A key distinction from fiat-denominated investments is that investors need not liquidate their current positions – and incur the resulting capital gains tax – before making a fiat-denominated investment. Investors transfer their crypto directly to a CAM exchange account where CAM traders apply our strategies to increase the amount of crypto currency in the portfolio.

Managed portfolios denominated in the same crypto currency are pooled and traded in the same account. Large accounts can be managed separately, or even managed in the investor’s account (versus the CAM account).

Managed portfolios are open to US and non-US investors. The minimum investment is the equivalent of US$ 25,000.

For additional information on CAM managed portfolios, please contact Timothy Enneking at