Crypto, ICO, Blockchain Marketing & Social Media Management

Crypto Asset Management leverages the diverse network and skill-set of its team by offering crypto, ICO and blockchain marketing and social media management.

Every marketing campaign is unique, and our clients appreciate the one-on-one collaboration and personalized service our team provides. If you’re looking to stand out in a sea of ICO and crypto opportunities, you’ve come to the right place.

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Crypto Asset Management: A Full-Service ICO & Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


Your brand is your identifier, what makes you unique. Who are you? What are you? What important need do you fill or problem do you fix? Your brand sets you apart from your competition, but, more importantly, it reflects your credibility, relays your message clearly (your POV), engages customers, and elicits trust and loyalty. Branding is crucial in cryptocurrency marketing.

Community Building & Management:

As your community manager, we are responsible for advocating your brand on social networks. We use our own social persona and actively go out within the online community to connect with potential customers and advocate accordingly.

Content Management:

How does your content get from your website to potential clients? What content is most important to your clients and how do they wish to interact? The purpose here is to develop your content distribution pipeline, which includes not only your marketing messages, but also relevant and timely curated content from influential sources.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Turn your visitors into customers with our team of experts. We'll analyze your website and develop a conversion strategy, from landing pages and your “call to action” to how eyeballs get there in the first place! The purpose here is to create your “funnel,” taking a potential client from lead to sale.

Copywriting and Content:

Websites are valueless without great content. What customers see and read serves as the reinforcement to the outright marketing campaigns devised to attract your target audience. Quality content that effectively connects and appeals to your customers is an indispensable part of your marketing strategy.

Creatives and Design:

Custom, branded images are essential for all your social feeds and marketing copy. From diversifying the look, feel, and content of your own feeds, to creating re-tweet worthy experiences for current and potential clients, there can be no arguing that a picture is worth a thousand words (and maybe a thousand BTC as well?).

Email Marketing Campaigns:

Your online and brand marketing isn’t complete without an email marketing campaign. We structure content and email design using effective campaign management methods to ensure that every effort is maximized and every input is aimed at generating positive results. We create custom email lead generation and nurturing campaigns based on the needs of our clients, again focusing on personalized, one-on-one service.

Event Marketing:

Is there an event you’d like to attend? We’ll promote your ICO, cryptocurrency, or blockchain products / services with brand ambassadors via community outreach and on social media AS the brand, attending remotely via Twitter. Interest in your company will be generated at these events.

Influencer Marketing:

Our marketing team includes influencer Brian Colwell, specialist in crypto, fintech and IoT marketing and social media management. With a background in financial services sales and marketing, Brian’s eye is always on producing return on investment. Brian’s own network includes over 100,000 followers, and he is connected to many other influencers and journalists in these fields. If you need eyeballs on your website, and would like to generate buzz around your crypto or ICO project, Crypto Asset Management is your source and Brian has a plan.

Local Search Strategy:

Not being found online? Now is the best time for creating a local strategy to increase your presence in the search engine results. Also called "local SEO."

Paid Search Advertising:

Paid listings on Google AdWords and our media buying strategies will get your site visible to searchers within hours. Our paid search specialist is flexible, adaptable, and experienced with the ever-changing “rules” of paid and programmatic advertising.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns:

An effective and organized PPC marketing campaign will help your website acquire targeted and trackable results. Through PPC, optimized ads generate traffic efficiently by focusing on and interacting directly with your audience. PPC is essential for digital marketing, and we enhance return on PPC investment by adding organic social efforts and interactions. Paid advertising PLUS an organic specialization differentiate us from other marketing services.

Press Releases:

Public relations communication has become an imperative across the cryptocurrency industry. Simply put, there is TOO much data out there, TOO much news, for potential clients to sift through every day. Crypto Asset Management is here to bring you right to the media’s attention with compelling, reader-driven press releases.

Social Media Management:

Social media has become the go-to channel for customer care, content curation and branding for modern businesses. As your social media manager, we are responsible for being your brand on social media. We create content, craft copy for posts, respond to comments, answer questions, and manage your analytics to strategically distribute your POV across a variety of social networks. To generate buzz, you need social influence. Let Crypto Asset Management help build your social authority in the crypto community.

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